Rare Tornado Event Part One: Role of the National Weather Service

Although official spring has not started (March 20th will be the first day of spring in 2017), hasn’t it felt as if mother nature is determined to make it feel like spring?  Perhaps you noticed the first taste of spring when a record breaking stretch of warm temperatures were felt across northern Illinois?  Or maybe it seemed more spring like across the Midwest when thunderstorms, instead of snow, occurred?  No matter what your idea of spring is,  one of the more dangerous types of weather that typically develops during late spring/early summer, occurred on February 28th, when a rare tornado outbreak hit the Mid-Mississippi Valley and the Lower Great Lakes region. Continue reading

Explaining Climate Change Science

Turn on any news cast or read any political blog and/or website and you are bound to see something about climate change splashed across the screen.  Mainstream media and politicians continue the debate of whether global warming is real or is it a hoax.  While this website does not and will not touch upon local, national, or global politics, this will be a good forum to separate the truth from fiction regarding climate change. Continue reading