Should We Be Worried About the Elimination of the EPA?

With the change in the administration in the United States, a lot has been stated about severely cutting or eliminating government agencies.  In the Trump Administration’s cross hairs is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

EPA logo

The EPA has done a lot of great work to help keep America’s air and water clean. According to Scientific American, the EPA has been instrumental in setting policy priorities and writing and enforcing a wide range of laws that have literally changed the face of the Earth for the better.  Founded in 1970 under the Nixon administration, the EPA is the first dedicated national environmental agency of its kind and its existence and effectiveness has also inspired scores of other countries to create their own environmental agencies along the same lines.

The Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act are early examples of sweeping legislation that only a dedicated environmental agency could properly oversee. The EPA has also taken the task of helping Americans find and implement remedies for pressing global problems from ozone depletion to climate change.

So why would the Trump administration want to severely restrict or even eliminate the EPA?  That is a good question.  Unfortunately he has started the ball rolling on minimizing the importance of the EPA by slashing its budget over 30 percent and appointing a known climate change denier to head the agency.  As an atmospheric scientist who is concerned for the state of our planet and has seen the proof that climate change is ongoing, I find it unfathomable that anyone would want to not value and support this extraordinary agency.

To give some credence in why I support the EPA and all the great work they do, I created a video that highlights the reasons why we need the EPA.  It is my hope that the EPA will be able to sustain their important work and survive this threat to their existence.  I invite you to view the video, comment on it, and share it with you friends and family.  Maybe with enough people supporting the existence of this valuable agency, future generations will not need to worry about the state of the climate and can enjoy the benefits of clean air and water.


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